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How to Secure an 80G Certificate for Your NGO


80g certificate

80G Certificate: Encouraging Charitable Contributions with Tax Benefits

The 80G Certificate is an essential document under the Income Tax Act, 1961, in India. It plays a significant role in promoting and incentivizing charitable donations by providing tax benefits to donors. In this article, we’ll explore the importance, eligibility, and implications of the 80G Certificate.

What is the 80G Certificate?

The 80G Certificate is a certification provided by the Income Tax Department of India to registered charitable organizations and trusts. It allows donors who contribute to these organizations to claim deductions on their taxable income under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. In essence, it encourages individuals and businesses to support charitable causes by providing a financial incentive in the form of tax benefits.

Significance of the 80G Certificate:

The 80G Certificate serves several purposes:

Promoting Philanthropy: It encourages individuals and entities to contribute to charitable organizations, as the donations made to these organizations are eligible for tax deductions.

Supporting Charitable Causes: Charitable organizations and trusts rely on donations to carry out their social and philanthropic activities. Tax benefits for donors incentivize giving, which, in turn, supports various charitable causes.

Tax Relief: Donors can reduce their taxable income by the amount of their contributions to eligible charitable organizations. This leads to a reduction in their overall tax liability.

Eligibility for 80G Certificate:

To be eligible for an 80G Certificate, charitable organizations and trusts must meet certain criteria:

Registered Trust or Society: The organization must be registered as a trust or a society under the relevant laws and regulations.

Non-Profit Objective: The primary objective of the organization must be non-profit, and its activities should be directed towards charitable purposes, such as relief of the poor, education, medical relief, or advancement of any other object of general public utility.

Compliance with Income Tax Regulations: The organization must comply with the provisions of the Income Tax Act, including maintaining proper books of accounts and financial records.

Approval by Income Tax Department: The organization must apply to the Income Tax Department for approval under Section 80G. If it meets the necessary criteria, the department grants the 80G Certificate.

Tax Benefits for Donors:

Donors who contribute to organizations with an 80G Certificate can claim deductions on their taxable income under Section 80G. The specific percentage of deduction varies depending on the type of organization and the specific section of Section 80G under which it is registered. For example, some donations are eligible for 100% deduction, while others may qualify for 50% deduction.


The 80G Certificate is a valuable tool that encourages charitable giving in India by offering tax benefits to donors. It plays a vital role in supporting charitable organizations and trusts that work towards various social and philanthropic causes. Donors should verify the eligibility of the organization and the specific deductions available before making contributions to ensure they can claim the maximum tax benefit.,

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How to Secure an 80G Certificate for Your NGO

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How to Secure an 80G Certificate for Your NGO

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How to Secure an 80G Certificate for Your NGO