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All Documents Required for 80G Registration


documents required for 80g registration

Essential Documentation: A Guide to Documents Required for 80G Registration in India


Obtaining 80G registration is a crucial step for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in India, enabling them to offer tax benefits to donors. This guide outlines the essential documents required for 80G registration, helping organizations navigate the application process and foster a supportive environment for their charitable initiatives.

1. Form 10G:

Application Form:
Form 10G is the official application form for 80G registration. It must be filled out accurately, providing comprehensive details about the NGO’s objectives, activities, and financials.
2. NGO’s Details:

Name and Address:

Provide accurate details about the NGO, including its registered name, address, and contact information.
PAN and TAN:

Furnish the Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) of the NGO.
3. Objectives and Activities:

Clearly Defined Objectives:

Clearly outline the objectives of the NGO, emphasizing its commitment to activities aligned with Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
Description of Activities:

Provide a detailed description of the activities undertaken by the NGO to demonstrate their alignment with the specified objectives.
4. Financial Information:

Audited Financial Statements:

Submit audited financial statements for the past three years. These statements should include the balance sheet, income and expenditure account, and the auditor’s report.
Bank Statements:

Provide bank statements for the same period to validate the financial transactions and transparency of the organization.
5. Board of Trustees/Directors:

Details of Trustees/Directors:
Furnish information about the board of trustees or directors, including their names, addresses, qualifications, and experience. Highlight their involvement in the organization’s activities.
6. Registration Certificate:

Proof of Registration:
Attach a copy of the registration certificate issued by the relevant authority (Trust, Society, or Section 8 Company) under the Income Tax Act.
7. Tax Compliance Certificates:

PAN and TAN:
Include a copy of the NGO’s PAN and TAN cards to confirm its compliance with tax regulations.
8. MOA and Rules/Bylaws:

Memorandum of Association (MOA):

Attach a copy of the Memorandum of Association, highlighting the organization’s legal structure and objectives.

Provide a copy of the rules or bylaws that govern the internal functioning of the organization.
9. Accomplishment Reports:

Details of Past Accomplishments:
Include reports or documents showcasing the NGO’s past accomplishments and the impact of its activities on the community.
10. Affidavit:

Undertaking and Affidavit:
Submit an undertaking and affidavit affirming that the NGO will comply with the conditions specified under Section 80G.
11. Additional Supporting Documents:

Any Other Relevant Documents:
Include any additional documents that support the information provided in Form 10G and validate the organization’s credibility.
12. Online Submission:

Digital Submission:
All the documents and Form 10G must be submitted online through the official website of the Income Tax Department.

Collecting and submitting the necessary documents for 80G registration is a meticulous process. NGOs should ensure that all information is accurate, transparent, and aligned with the specified requirements to enhance their chances of obtaining 80G registration and fostering trust among potential donors.,

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All Documents Required for 80G Registration

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All Documents Required for 80G Registration

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All Documents Required for 80G Registration