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Import Export License How to Obtain in India


import export license

Import-Export License in India: A Business Prerequisite for Global Trade

In the realm of global trade, an import-export license stands as a critical document for businesses looking to cross international borders with their products and services. In India, the license is a key facilitator for trade and is mandated by the government for any entity seeking to conduct foreign trade. This article discusses the nuances of obtaining an import-export license in India, its significance, and the process involved.

Understanding the Import-Export License
An import-export license in India, often referred to as the Importer Exporter Code (IEC), is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). It is a 10-digit code that is a prerequisite for companies to import or export goods and services.

Why is an Import-Export License Necessary?

Legal Compliance: It fulfills a legal requirement under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992.
Customs Clearance: For clearing shipments through Customs, both for imports and exports.
Foreign Transactions: Essential for sending shipments and receiving money from foreign banks.
The Process of Obtaining an Import-Export License

Application Submission: Apply online on the DGFT website, submitting the required form along with a declaration regarding the details provided.
Document Compilation: Gather necessary documents, including a PAN card, bank account details, and proof of business establishment.
Fee Payment: Pay the applicable processing fee online.
Verification: The DGFT office will verify the details and documents submitted.
License Issuance: Once the verification is successful, the DGFT will issue the IEC, which is generally valid for the lifetime of the entity.
Documentation Required

PAN of the individual or business entity.
Current bank account details.
Address proof of the premises.
Points to Consider

The IEC is not required for import/export for personal use, or for government ministries/departments.
Businesses can import and export without any restrictions (except for prohibited items) once they obtain the IEC.
Renewal and Validity
The import-export license, or IEC, is typically valid for the life of the entity and does not require renewal. However, any changes to the information provided at the time of application, such as address or company details, must be updated with the DGFT.

An import-export license is a fundamental requirement for businesses engaging in international trade in India. It not only legalizes the entity’s trading activities but also streamlines the process of customs clearance and foreign payments. Obtaining the license is a straightforward process that can be completed online, making it relatively simple for businesses to embark on their global trade journey. As international trade becomes increasingly important to India’s growing economy, the import-export license serves as a passport to a world of opportunities for traders and entrepreneurs.,

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Import Export License How to Obtain in India

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Import Export License How to Obtain in India

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Import Export License How to Obtain in India