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Introduction to ITR Status
The status of an Income Tax Return (ITR) in India indicates the stage at which the submitted return is in the assessment process by the Income Tax Department. Checking the ITR status is crucial for taxpayers to ensure that their return has been processed and that any refunds or additional tax liabilities are addressed.

Understanding Different ITR Statuses
Return Submitted and Verified: The ITR has been successfully submitted and verified by the taxpayer, but the processing has not yet started.

Return Under Process: The Income Tax Department is reviewing the ITR to ensure everything is in order.

Return Processed and Refund Paid: The return has been processed, and any applicable refund has been disbursed to the taxpayer.

Return Processed; No Refund, No Demand: The processing is complete, and there is no refund or additional tax payable by the taxpayer.

Return Processed and Demand Determined: The return has been processed, but the department has determined that there is an additional tax liability.

How to Check ITR Status
Via the e-Filing Portal: Taxpayers can log in to the official e-Filing portal of the Income Tax Department and navigate to the ‘View Returns/Forms’ section to check their ITR status.

Without Logging In: Taxpayers can also use the ‘ITR Status’ option on the e-Filing portal homepage, where they need to provide their PAN, ITR acknowledgment number, and the assessment year to check the status.

Reasons for Delay in ITR Processing
Delays in ITR processing can be due to various reasons such as discrepancies in the return, high volume of returns being processed, or technical issues with the e-Filing system.

Importance of Knowing ITR Status
Assurance: Tracking ITR status gives assurance to the taxpayer that their filing has been acknowledged and is being processed.

Taking Action: If there is a demand or discrepancy, knowing the status allows taxpayers to take timely action, such as paying the due amount or filing a rectification.

Refund Status: For those expecting a refund, checking the ITR status informs them about the refund process and any actions they may need to take.

What to Do if the Status Shows ‘Demand’ or ‘Discrepancy’
If the ITR status indicates a demand or discrepancy, taxpayers should:

Review the communication from the IT department for the specifics of the demand or discrepancy.
File a rectification request under section 154(1) if there is an apparent mistake in the return.
Pay the additional tax due if the demand is correct.
Checking the ITR status is a simple yet powerful tool for taxpayers to ensure their tax affairs are in order. It provides transparency and allows for timely actions in case of any required follow-ups. It’s an essential part of the post-filing process that every taxpayer should be diligent about for smooth financial and tax planning.,

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ITRStatusCheck Real Time Income Tax Return Updates

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ITRStatusCheck Real Time Income Tax Return Updates

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ITRStatusCheck Real Time Income Tax Return Updates